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Quality Medical & Laboratory Supplies

By Design Medical was started by Tamara Paul in 2014 and has been providing quality medical and lab supplies at a fair market value and providing quality medical products and services to entrepreneurs to bring to market.  By Design Medical has the ability to build relationships in a global market to offer quality products at an affordable price to businesses and the public.  

Past Performances 
By Design Medical provides medical supplies and services for the following satisfied clients: 

  • Franklin County (Ohio)
  • Adena Medical Center (Chillicothe Ohio)
  • Terumo Medical Corp. 
  • Parent Child Incorporated
  • Med Connect Pharmacy
  • Rep Network, LLC
  • eHome Services
  • Multiple Laboratories


About Us

Tamara Paul

Tamara Paul is a serial entrepreneur who wears many hats. A graduate of Ohio University, Tamara has co-founded multiple companies and is the CEO of Aesthetics By Design, (Parent Company of By Design Medical) and Your True Potential. Tamara brings to these companies a long track record in successful business management, including financial stability, corporate structure and operational frameworks. An experienced entrepreneur and small business owner, Tamara is the guru of organizational discipline and enablement.  Tamara has successfully partnered with over 42 companies and promoted over 100 medical and laboratory products. She was highly regarded in her 12 years as a territory manager for several of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.  Her drive for cultivating entrepreneurial opportunities has also led her to build profitable businesses in medical, real estate and life and business coaching.

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Product Disclaimer

By Design Medical makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the information contained herein or the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does By Design Medical assume liability whatsoever arising out of the application or use of any products purchased through our suppliers.  The products sold herunder and any other products sold by By Design Medical have been subject to limited testing through an FDA approved supplier.  Any performance specifications are believed to be reliable and buyer is willingly purchasing this product based on FDA approved list requirements.